Less is More Green Magic



It was in Guatemala. I rowed out onto Lago de Atitlán without lifting my head. Only in the middle of the lake did I look up for the first time. Tolimán, Atitlán and San Pedro. The lake is surrounded by three volcanic cones. I lifted the oars out of the water. The boat bobbed along as the day came to an end.

The lake is 1560 metres above sea level. I had been told it lies in a crater created in prehistoric times by the explosion of a very large volcano.

Resting my elbows on my thighs, I waited, not knowing what for. Almost imperceptibly, the sun moved towards the horizon. Then it touched the lake. Very slowly it sank into the water. When it had almost disappeared, it glowed an unearthly green at its edge. The sun! Green! I reached out for it, pointing my finger at the apparition, as if someone had been in the boat with me to show it to. - You don't believe me? All I say is: "Le rayon vert", "The green glow". Rare and rarely beautiful.

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