Less is More Herbalist Canticle



We were walking around near Domodossola (Piedmont). Our path was lined with strawflowers, which are called immortelles because their spherical golden-yellow flowers retain both their shape and colour after drying.Strawflowers always remind me, I don't know why, of Radiohead's Morning Bell.

Let's make a game, said my companion.
Which one?
I'll name a plant and you tell me what sound or sounds you associate with it.
Okay. Start.
I thought.
A violin, a... Sicilian tarantella.
You think so? Not like a flute? Sweet. and peppery at the same time.
I looked at him questioningly -
Understand, your thing, your turn.
Let me think, Arabic Sufi music. - Thyme?
Thyme. Definitely bebop by Thelonius Monk. Sage?
As leisurely as, say, some of Brahms. Chamomile then?
A piano piece by Arvo Pärt. Cistus?
Trumpet. The sound of Miles Davis.
And all together? All together... a stew of absolute silence.

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