Less is More Lovely Day



When I wasn't earning my own money yet, I often went to the city park in the evenings with my best friends. The day before yesterday, I walked on the footbridge over the Vienna River, as I always did back then, and looked down at the little river. Then I stepped to the edge of the pond and carefully tapped the water with the toe of my shoe; that was enough to scare up the ducks nearby.

Up a few steps I stepped onto a round stone pedestal, in the middle of which rose another stone pillar: the weather and time pavilion situated on the banks of the Stadtpark pond. This had always been our meeting place. On the parapet, which was decorated with rose reliefs and led around the foundation, lines were drawn as always, pointing in all possible cardinal directions; next to them were city names and distances.

Zurich, 590 kilometres.
2300 kilometres.
Siracus, 1242 kilometres.

There, from the direction of Rio de Janairo, 9885 kilometres, Andrea came grinning towards me.
From Algiers, 1671 kilometres, Lucy.
From Leningrad, 1583 kilometres, Cristina. Just like before.

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