Less is More Me&My Sunshine


Audrey & Matilda

You know, we just went for it. Out of Palermo, heading south. It was mid-March; the lemon and orange trees were bearing fruit for the first time that year. Amidst them we picnicked; I remember you, Matilda, rolling around in the bright spring sunshine.

But it was getting to be evening. Where were we going to spend the night? We came to a huge hotel complex that was right on the sea; but it was deserted. The season had not yet started. I checked out one bed castle after the other. One of them had to be open.

At last, an entrance door gave way. A clerk appeared, he said: "... domani..." Presumably he was trying to teach me that the hotel didn't open until tomorrow. He turned, walked away, then stopped. - When I carried you to the hotel, you woke up.

Later that evening we entered the dining room, as big as a gymnasium, deserted and frosty. We had a choice of a hundred tables. You insisted on taking a seat opposite me. You wanted to be brave. We waited, feeling watched, not daring to say a word. Your little face grew longer and longer, your little mouth was open.

You could hear the lift doors open gently, then a sound like dog claws darting across a tiled floor. A tiny Jack Russell came hurtling around the corner and set course for us. You promptly slid off your chair. Even at three, you loved dogs.

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