Less is More KEINE Tierversuche Cruelty Free Peta Siegel

No Animal Testing

"The way we treat animals is a mirror of the human soul."

Less is More is part of PETA's (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) 'Beauty without Bunnies' programme and listed in the 'Cruelty-Free' database. The Peta bunny on the bottle indicates that we & our suppliers do not test on animals. At Less is More, it's not just people's wellbeing that we care about - animals are also very important to us.

Our ingredients are chosen with special care. Less is More does not commission animal testing for the production or development of cosmetic products. We do not use cosmetic raw materials in our products that are obtained through animal cruelty or the killing of animals (such as silk, cochineal lice, civet, etc.).

Honey & beeswax come from a species-appropriate Austrian BIO apiary. Our brushes with wild boar bristles are obtained with respect for the animals. "Our" wild boars are organic mountain wild boars. They live in the Alps at an altitude of over 3000 metres. The pigs are actually bred for meat, so the bristles are a waste product and none of the animals are killed for their bristles.

We also offer a labelled vegan range.