Less is More Orange Bloom



You know how small and manageable the Loosbar is. But it is also wondrous. The other day I was sitting at one of the few tables waiting for Tom. I thought to myself: "What a thing to do. This can't be happening to me. He'll stand me up.

They played Erykah Badu; I wanted to listen. I'm an orange moon/ Reflecting the light of the sun/ Many nights he was alone/ Many, many, many nights/His light was too bright...

His excuse must be really good. In case he does turn up at some point. If!

I'm an orange moon/ I'm brighter than before/ Brighter than ever before/ I'm an orange moon and I shine so bright/ cause I reflect the light of my sun/ I praise the day, he turned my way/ And smiled at me... He ruled the day, I ruled the night blablabla.

I know what I'm doing. I sit down at the bar and chirp one or two over the thirst. I rule the night anyway. As I get up, I see Tom in the corner of my eye, also heading for the bar, with an empty glass in his hand. He says to me: Where have you been for so long? - Nowhere... I'm here now.

ORANGE BLOOM ORGANIC COLOGNE eau de cologne - 100% certified organic aromatic components sensual-floral note of jasmine and neroli in exciting interplay with green-aromatic sounds of basil and pepper, fruity-elegantly opened by Sicilian orange and bergamot. Resting on a deeply sensual base of sandalwood.