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Organic Colognes

After 10 years of Less is More, we have expanded our repertoire with the "ORGANIC COLOGNES" fragrance collection. The finest, certified organic essential oils make the fragrances as individual as the people who wear them. The aromatherapeutic creations are gentle. Enveloping instead of weighing down. Accompanying instead of pushing. The colognes come into contact, whether with skin, hair or textiles, creating an individual interplay of character and aroma. The ORGANIC COLOGNES are available in 9 different variations of 100 ml each. Each cologne tells a story. They are diverse and multi-faceted, ready to play, reacting and interacting with and upon each other.

GREEN MAGIC Organic Cologne
SOLEMNIS Organic Cologne
LOVELY DAY Organic Cologne
NATURE BOY Organic Cologne WIDE AWAKE Organic Cologne
ORANGE BLOOM Organic Cologne ME & M Y SUNSHINE Organic Cologne

HOW TO USE Use your cologne neat, directly on your skin or hair, or on your pillow, scarf or towel. Refresh as needed throughout the day. To create your own individual fragrance, mix the colognes as you like.

Me & MY SUNSHINE Use as a delicate perfume during or after pregnancy, or spray on your baby's pillow before bedtime or on a cuddly nappy during the day. Also ideal when travelling to make your baby feel at home.

PROFESSIONAL USE All colognes can also be used as part of a salon or spa treatment. Choose the right cologne according to your needs (scent, colour, chakra or mood) and either gently spray it on the client's body or massage it directly into the skin during the treatment. In the salon, we recommend the treatment before or after shampooing. Simply spray the cologne onto the fingers and massage into the client's forehead or hairline area.

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