Leave-In & Special Care

The Less Is More Leave-In and Special Care products are tailor-made care concentrates for individual hair and scalp types. Here you will find all the product information and pictures.

Herbal Tonic (PDF) - download
Lavender Smooth Balm (PDF) - download
Lindengloss Finishing Spray (PDF) - download
Lindengloss Intensive Hair Mask DE (PDF) - download
Lindengloss Intensive Hair Mask EN (PDF) - download
Phytonutrient Caffeine Infusion (PDF) - download
Phytonutrient Hairroot Serum (PDF) - download
Protein Spray (PDF) - download
Rose Serum (PDF) - download
Tangerine Curlm Balm (PDF) - download
Leave-In & Special Care Fullsize 150ml (Images) - download
Leave-In & Special Care Travelsize 50ml (Images) - download