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  • Paddle Brush beech • white • nylon

    styling • blow-dry • detangle • massage • all hairtypes • sensitive scalp
    Less is More’s natural brush is the essential styling tool. perfecty crafted using only the finest natural materials – heat resistant anti-static special nylon, FSC certified beech wood and natural rubber – a rounded nylon pin for detangling and with a pneumatic cushion, it is most gentle to the hair and scalp. Perfect brush for detangling & blow-drying for all hair types and for very sensitive scalps.


    perfectly crafted hair brush made in Germany. FSC certified beech wood / heat-resistant, anti-static rounded nylon pin / natural rubber cushion / cleaning brush included


    CLEANING YOUR HAIR BRUSH a cleaning brush is supplied with the hairbrush and should be used for cleaning both the pad and the pins. Regularly clean your Less is More hairbrush to enjoy it in best condition for many years:

    • Dry clean it frequently by removing hairs and scales using a comb and the cleaning brush.
    • Wash it occasionally. First dry clean it as above.
    • Dip the cleaning brush – NOT the hairbrush - into a lather of mild soap or Less is More shampoo in lukewarm water.
    • Use it to brush the pins and cushion of your hairbrush.
    • Avoid water entering the a ir hole in the cushion by holding the brush head downwards.
    • Repeat the procedure with the cleaning brush using clean rinsing water.
    • Shake off excess water from the hairbrush and leave to dry with the pins pointing downwards – at room temperature.
    • Do not bring in contact with oils, solvents or other chemicals. Do not use heated devices in contact w ith your hairbrush.

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