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    Less is More is developed jointly by Dr. Doris Brandhuber and Hannes Trummer. In direct contact with clients, a range of organic certified care and styling products saw the light of day, combining functionality and simplicity, beauty and health, ethics and aesthetics. The innovative formulations created by the chemist exclusively contain natural ingredients. These are carefully selected for effectiveness, purity and optimal skin compatibility and environmental impact. The ingredients are obtained from renewable resources and, whenever possible, from certified organic farming and are all fully and rapidly biodegradable. Pure essential oils contribute to functionality, wellness and pleasure.

    Both session and salon stylists, international press and clients around the world value the award-winning products for their sustainability and exclusivity.


    Chemist. Aromatherapist.
    Her fascination for creation, transformation and for designs and materials that shape the future led Dr. Doris Brandhuber to study chemistry. As a long-time yoga student with a deep passion for the environment, biomimicry was a natural choice of specialty. This interdisciplinary field systematically generates products with optimized benefits by emulating the structure and functioning of the nature.

    The postgraduate chemist, who also worked as an environmental consultant, not only focused intensely on composition, but also on the health and environmental aspects of modern cosmetics. When Less is More was set up, it was clear that only the development of her own line would be able to live up to her ambition of providing healthy and honest hair cosmetics in the best possible way. The chemist declined a research fellowship at Yale and focused on creating formulations for Less is More instead. Today Dr. Doris Brandhuber is a trained aromatherapist and has extensive experience in the field of organic cosmetics.


    Hairstylist. Trainer.
    Hannes Trummer opened a small salon with big ambitions in the centre of Vienna in 2005. Previously, he had graduated from the Master School of Painting in Graz and had worked successfully as Artistic Director and Staff Trainer at a renowned international hairdressing chain. His intensive study of the Feldenkrais Method (Awareness Through Movement) and his claim to focus on the client and the client’s needs prompted him to develop the Less is More idea: That the need for space to evolve is accommodated through a reduction to the essential.

    The Less is More concept was implemented for the first time in the salon itself. This is expressed, for example, in the highly minimalistic architecture and store design with the client and the client’s mirror image serving as the only decoration. A calm and harmonious atmosphere makes it possible to find space and time to realise the personal taste of the client through an acceptance of the client's own style, technical expertise and a fine sense of aesthetics. As CEO of minusplus, the flagship stores of Less is More, he was instrumental in the development of the minusplus method - a unique haircut and training concept for body, mind and soul.


    the essential matters. stimulating sustainable society. certified organic cosmetics.

    ORGANIC. exquisite. natural. pure. natively. FUNCTIONAL. highly effective. professional. unique. progressive. SOCIAL. fair. future-oriented. clean. transparent. BEAUTIFUL. aesthetical. aware. natural. gentle. From the Viennese manufacturer from the world for the world. DR. DORIS BRANDHUBER. Chemist. Aromatherapist. HANNES TRUMMER. Hairstylist. Trainer.


    for our health. for our environment. for everyone who appreciates high quality.

    natural. made from renewable resources. grown on organic farms. no petrochemistry. biodegradable in wastewater. GMO-free. certified organic cosmetics by Austria Bio Garantie in accordance with the Austrian Food Code (ÖLMB).

    native. as original as possible. plant oils* and butters*. cold-pressed. natural. herbal extracts. concentrated. effective.

    pure. essential oils from biodynamic farms (Demeter quality). constructive environmental structure. characteristic aroma.

    exquisite. Less is More supports small & regional quality manufacturers who produce finest raw materials with care. forest honey* and beeswax* from Austrian nature reservers. species-appropriate. primal rock salt from Altausee. traditional. rich in minerals. original.

    *certified organic            


    Modern high active ingredients cosmetics purely plant-based, without synthetic additives. for maximum versatility & results.

    highly effective. high active ingredient content of plant extracts through organic cultivation and gentle processing. modern plant-based cosmetics with active ingredients. mineral rich clays & natural salts. bioactive, sustainable care, protection & strengthening of hair & skin.

    progressive. naturally protected through phyto-active ingredients. Anti-oxidative protection from free radicals - sunscreen & anti-aging. protection against heat damage, drying out & split ends. invigorating. nourishing.

    professional. we develop innovative, award-winning formulations in our manufactory in Vienna that build on the interplay between salon & session stylists, science and aromatherapy.

    unique. special in the application. efficient concentrates. freshly made. natural. detox.


    We are responsible for the nature and our fellow human beings. We want to contribute to people in need, human rights, a better future and future generations.

    fair. mascobado cane sugar*, coconut oil*, shea butter*. fair trade raw materials. fighting against poverty. education. self-determination.

    future-oriented. We help by donating in cash and in kind to charities that are committed to freedom, human rights and people in need. Charity Bag. Terre des Femmes. Frauenrechte. Refugees Welcome. Charity Edition. All-in-One Washgel & Shampoo.

    clean. sustainability. respectful approach to nature & fellow humans. reducing our ecological footprint in all areas of business.

    transparent. completely sustainable. B Corp certification www.bcorporation.net

    *certified organic


    Naturalness as one of the last great mysteries of our time. beauty as an experience of the senses and the heart.

    aesthetic. less is more is a reference to the importance of the essential, to quality awareness. quality awareness. purist, detail-oriented. style. balance. wellbeing.

    natural. inspiring aromatic fragrances with essential oils & organic-quality hydrosols for an aromatherapy effect. harmonizing. stimulating. soothing. uplifting. emollient. sensual and healthy.

    conscious. gentle. the way we treat animals is a mirror of the human soul. honey & beeswax from natural, Austrian organic beekeeping. clearly labelled vegan range. no animal testing. Tmember of the PETA 'Beauty without Bunnies' program (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and listed in the cruelty-free database. www.peta.org