Whether you have stressed, oily or fine hair, finding the right care product is not that easy, because the different characteristics and needs of the hair require different care routines.

We offer 6 different care lines, making sure you can find the best for your hair type.

Shampoo for colored and damaged hair
This is how you recognize dry and stressed hair: the surest indication of dry, stressed hair are split ends and hair that appears straw-like. This is the right shampoo for it LINDENGLOSS SHAMPOO. The mild formulation gives colored and structurally damaged hair shine and vibrancy, as well as protection against fading and drying out.

Shampoo for fine hair
This is how you recognize fine hair: it has little volume, hangs flat on the head, is soft and limp. This is the right shampoo ALOE MINT VOLUME SHAMPOO. The revitalizing formulation gives fine to normal hair more volume.

Shampoo for sensitive scalp
This is how you recognize a sensitive scalp: dandruff, itching, burning, redness, etc. - all of these are signs of a stressed scalp. This is the right shampoo for it HERBAL SCALP RELIEF SHAMPOO. The mild formulation has a clarifying effect on the scalp and helps to calm irritated scalps and bring them back into balance. Alternatively: PURE SHAMPOO BAR, this is particularly gentle because it does not contain any fragrances and is therefore also very suitable for sensitive scalps and allergy sufferers.

Shampoo for oily hair
This is how you recognize greasy hair: increased sebum production makes the hairline appear stringy shortly after washing. This is the right shampoo ALOE MINT VOLUME SHAMPOO. If you tend to have an oily scalp, it has a pleasantly refreshing and clarifying effect.

Shampoo for thick hair This is how you recognize thick hair: it is often dry and brittle. In addition, it often hangs down heavily due to its own weight. This is the right shampoo MALLOWSMOOTH SHAMPOO. The intensively moisturizing formulation gives soft suppleness and protects against drying out.

Shampoo for every hair type
The CAJEPUT PURE BALANCE SHAMPOO With its balancing formulation, it gives a healthy shine and protects against moisture loss. It is also popular as a family shampoo. The fragrance-free PURE SHAMPOO BAR is also suitable for all scalp and hair types.

What hair type am I?

The different characteristics and needs of the hair require different care routines. Learn more about individual scalp and hair types here and find the right care products for you.


Several years of research have resulted in innovative formulations with highly efficient organic plant ingredients that prevent and solve specific problems such as hair loss, graying and hair aging. Learn more about the PHYTONUTRIENT line.


Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. The first step to healthy scalp is to avoid irritating and synthetic ingredients. What revitalizes the scalp is good for the hair. Find out which Less is More products can revitalize the scalp.