Fragrance free. Prebiotic

Fragrance free. Prebiotic. In a world full of overstimulation and allergies, PURE offers gentle and clean care for healthy and beautiful hair. Balancing the scalp microbiome. 100% vegan. Our most sustainable line by leaving out essential oils and fragrances. 

The PURE line by Less is More includes 9 care and styling products. The scientific approach focuses on innovation and effectiveness in professional, certified organic haircare. Advanced plant-based active ingredients, selected for their exceptional skin and environmental compatibility, offer effectiveness and visible results. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

PURE stands for fragrance free organic haircare that respects health and the environment without compromise.

PURE is a state of purity and simplicity that is becoming increasingly important in today's hectic and complex life.

PURE represents the authenticity of nature. It symbolizes the desire for clarity, calmness, and a conscious lifestyle.

PURE means being in harmony with the environment and living sustainably by focusing on the essential.


The scalp microbiome is the secret to beautiful and healthy hair. For the wellbeing of the scalp. It has been one of the greatest discoveries in skincare in recent years: our skin - like the gut - has its own microbiome, made up of living bacteria. Prebiotic actives stimulate these 'good' bacteria to produce positive health effects.

When the scalp microbiome is healthy, in balance, it can defend itself against damaging influences and regenerate. However, due to various factors, such as product build-up, etc. this can be disturbed - the hair loses its vitality, strength and beauty, the scalp can become itchy, sensitive, flaky, etc.

To maintain the scalp's protective barrier and promote its balance, PURE is enriched with prebiotic ingredients, like inulin, oat ferment and colloidal oatmeal, which nourish the 'good' bacteria that protect and strengthen the scalp microbiome.