Less is More Aromawirkung naturrein biozertifiziertes Pflanzenmaterial

Aroma Effect

Did you know that every Less is More product has an aromatherapeutic effect? To name a few examples: the Limesoufflé has a mood-lifting effect and is our "happymaker", the peppermint in the Aloe Mint series has a cooling effect and the Rose Serum is said to have harmonizing properties.

The targeted use of the purest essential oils optimises the functionality of the Less is More products and refines their efficiency in terms of well-being and pleasure.

Essential oils help to achieve physical and mental well-being and gently alleviate a wide range of complaints. Depending on the plant, they have a harmonising, stimulating, calming or mood-lifting effect.The scalp is gently harmonised.

All essential oils are carefully selected and of the highest purity: 100% naturally pure and from certified organic plant material (organic or Demeter quality), produced by steam distillation or extraction with organic solvents (NO hexane extraction).