“What Fair Trade certification is to coffee or the organic label is to food, B Corporation certification is to sustainable businesses.” - B Lab 

Since 2017, Less is More has been one of the first companies in Austria to receive B Corp certification. B Corps are certified by B Lab according to strict standards regarding these five impact areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers.


We take responsibility by acting in a socially fair, forward-looking and transparent manner. The transparent flow of information within the company enables all employees to understand and also influence the decisions and results of the management.


Equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion are part of everyday life in the company and are indispensable for the company. With 18 employees, Less is More is one of Austria's small and medium-sized enterprises. 80% are women, some of them in leading positions. We also regularly support talented people through the FEMtech programme, which promotes women in research and technology.


We have a responsibility to nature and our fellow human beings, and we want to do our part. When purchasing raw materials, we support small, regional quality manufacturers and fair trade projects, which ensures fair prices and better working conditions. In addition, as a PETA member, Less is More only offers organic cosmetics that are "cruelty-free" or "cruelty-free & vegan" certified. Through donations in kind and money, we regularly help charitable institutions that are committed to helping people in need. In addition, 1 EUR from every charity bag sold goes to the Association of Autonomous Austrian Women's Shelter Network..


We take measures to minimise our ecological footprint and protect the climate in all areas of the company. These include the use of recycled materials and recyclable packaging, environmentally friendly ingredients (100% from renewable raw materials, plant extracts 100% from organic cultivation, 100% rapidly and completely biodegradable), as well as green logistics.


The products are developed in cooperation with professional chemists, hair stylists and aestheticians, as well as in cooperation with the University of Vienna. Customer feedback has a decisive influence on the development and improvement of the products. Because highest effectiveness, well-being of the users and respect for the environment are both requirements and results of the Less is More products