For hairdressers, the advanced, 4-fold mode of action formula of our PURE BOND COMPLEX HAIR BALM is a true innovation in the reconstruction of damaged hair. This multifunctional repairing treatment surpasses conventional care products by renewing and protecting the molecular hair structure from the inside out.

Human hair consists of keratin protein, which is connected to fibers by disulphide bridges and forms the cortex. The outermost layer, the cuticle, surrounded by a lipid layer, preserves moisture in the hair.

Unfortunately, chemical treatments, heat styling, environmental stress, and inadequate care can damage the delicate hair structure. The cuticle is lifted, and the crucial disulfide bridges, which are responsible for the hair's stability, are broken. The result: split ends, brittleness, and a dull appearance.

Our Bio Bond Builder not only repairs the surface but penetrates deep into the hair and renews all four structural elements:

  • It strengthens the keratin protein through a protein and peptide complex that penetrates deep into the hair and strengthens it from within.
  • It repairs damaged disulfide bridges with gallic acid, which binds to the keratin protein and forms new bonds with damaged disulfide bridges.
  • It seals the hair cuticle with a plant-based co-polymer that acts as a long-lasting sealant. Protruding scales are smoothed, the cuticle is sealed, and split hair fibers and ends are repaired.
  • It restores the damaged lipid layer with a special oil complex and soya lecithin.