Less is More glänzendes Haar

Shiny Hair

For us, the topic of shine in the hair starts with hair & scalp health. All Less is More products serve this basic benefit: Scalp & Hair Health.

Same goes for our Natural Brushes. Intensive brushing with natural bristles prevents static and prevents rough hair. Hair lipids are evenly distributed and hair shines all the way to the tips.

The Less is More care complexes cleanse, nourish and care for the hair. Only certified organic active plant ingredients serve as care base and fragrances. Mild surfactants gently cleanse and ensure that the hair does not dry out and the scalp is not irritated. Application tips for shiny hair:

· Wash gently (not too hot, rinse thoroughly)
· Comb gently (use a coarse-toothed comb to comb out)
· Gently condition (do not over condition, i.e. do not use too much conditioner, otherwise hair may appear dull)
· Gently dry (pat hair dry, do not rub towel dry as this will roughen the hair)
· Gentle finish: after blow-drying, mist lime gloss onto the hair while it is still hot, then blow-dry again briefly at a cold setting, this closes the hair structure and gives it shine.

For extra shine:
· TANGERINE CURL BALSAM (leave-in product)