Less is More Phytonutrient Serum Caffeeine Spray Hairloss Solution

Hair Anti-Aging Solutions

Hair loss? Dry scalp? First unruly white hair?

In a time that is getting ever faster, stress and hecticness are often regular companions. Burdens like these attack our energy reserves and our body reflects our current life situations. The results of these permanent strains often show up in skin and hair because natural beauty, shine and strength are the result of our health. With the PHYTONUTRIENT line, Less is More has created a highly effective series that nourishes and activates hair follicles, scalp and hair in every phase of life. Several years of research have resulted in innovative formulas with highly efficient organic plant active ingredients that prevent and solve specific problems such as hair loss, greying and aging. The PHYTONUTRIENT products can be used individually or together – to enhance the effect.


· for thinning hair
· prevents hair loss
· revitalises follicles, scalp and hair
· for unbalanced scalps

The PHYTONUTRIENT HAIRROOT SERUM created by Less is More is a stimulating scalp treatment with a highly efficient fusion of organic and biotech phyto-actives. The serum represents phyto-based advances: It makes hair stronger and gives it more volume, slows down aging, stimulates growth and prevents hair loss. The natural ingredients protect and calm irritated scalps and their antioxidant, regenerating formula counteracts the negative effects of chemical treatments.

APPLICATION Gently massage a few drops into the whole scalp or just the areas affected by hair loss, once a day. Do not rinse out.


· anti-aging
· for thinning hair
· for greying hair
· energizes follicle, scalp and hair

The PHYTONUTRIENT CAFFEINE INFUSION naturally preserves hair youthfulness with a highly efficient fusion of organic and phyto-active ingredients from inside out. The effective phyto-complex energizes and revitalizes scalp and hair roots, helping to slow down the first signs of aging and maintaining hair structure, hair pigmentation and growth. The serum spray nourishes and protects with natural antioxidants and the phytonutrient herbal complex.

APPLICATION Apply once a day. Spray on scalp, massage in with fingers. Do not rinse out.