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How’s my skin doing today? The key to beautiful skin

Dividing the skin into skin types can help to better understand skin needs, but is clearly a simplification of a very complex topic.

Most of the time, a person's skin is a mixture of different skin types. Also to be taken into account are skin conditions, which can vary, depending on the season, physical and psychological condition and also on the body region. Therefore, the central question of every daily skin care routine is: "How is my skin today?", so that care can be adapted to the individual skin condition.

What skin types & skin conditions do we distinguish?

Characteristics: fine pores, clear complexion, good circulation, matt sheen, moderately oily
Normal skin hardly exists, it is mainly found in young children and adolescents. Mostly the skin is a mixture of different skin types. For this reason, the term "normal skin" is not used in the table above.

Characteristics: fine-pored, dull, rough, skin flakes possible, brittle, feeling of tension, itching, prone to premature wrinkling and dryness

Sensitive & stressed skin
Characteristics: reacts to chemical or mechanical stimuli, redness, impurities, feeling of heat, itching, feeling of tension, flaking

Characteristics: noticeable oily shine, enlarged pores, prone to impurities and inflammation, appears coarse and thick, pale and sallow, more resistant and firm for longer.

Characteristics: Blemishes, blackheads, acne, inflammation

Combination skin
Exhibits characteristics of dry as well as oily skin. Usually the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) shows characteristics of oily skin, while the cheeks tend to be dry. The skin care of the skin areas should be adapted to the corresponding skin type. Most people are combination skin types.

Youthful skin
Characteristics: high elasticity of the skin, good hydration, mostly normal skin type, tendency to pimples during puberty

Mature skin/anti aging
Characteristics: demanding, loss of elasticity, wrinkling, pigmentation spots, couperose
Anti aging means that aging processes of the skin are delayed or signs of aging are reduced. Our products therefore contain selected ingredients that can specifically counteract the processes of skin ageing.