Less is More innovative Formulierung Wasser Wellen

Innovative Formulation

In all the years we have been doing this, we have always received feedback from our customers that they would like to see improved foaming power. That's why we've worked hard to bring our 5 shampoo varieties to market with an innovative, eco-improved formulation.

FUNCTIONALITY Improved cleaning and washing power, but at the same time mild and caring as before. I.e. you need even less product. More intensive foaming for more well-being when washing hair. The functionality of the 5 lines remains as usual (Aloe Mint for volume, etc.).

OPTICS This changes significantly - the shampoos are now transparent.

Fragrance The fragrance composition of naturally pure essential oils has been further developed and its aromatherapeutic effect optimised.

· Great sensory properties that provide a voluminous lather as well as a soft and well-groomed hair feeling when washing, wet and dry.
· rotein complexes as a wonderful deep conditioning treatment, as they are similar to the hair's own keratin, strengthening and repairing the hair structure.
· contains oil complexes against drying out the hair, as well as for more shine and suppleness.
· all shampoos are vegan due to the new ingredients

The higher washing power and synergistic surfactant formulation make the product almost 100% more effective than the previous formulation

Per wash, this means:
50% less product/raw materials used
50% less plastic packaging
50% less energy for transport
50% cheaper for the end user