Less is More Phytonutrient Hairroot Serum Poster


Strength and fullness for the hair

With the PHYTONUTRIENT HAIRROOT SERUM, Dr. Doris Brandhuber has developed a stimulating scalp treatment with a highly effective combination of biological and biotechnological plant-based active ingredients over several years of research.

The serum represents plant-based progress: it provides stronger & fuller hair, prevents hair from ageing, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss.

The natural composition nourishes and soothes the stressed scalp and compensates for the negative effects of chemical treatments through the anti-oxidant formulation of the active ingredients.

Key ingredients:
Uttwiler Spätlauber Apple Stem Cells - proven to protect skin stem cells and delay the ageing process of hair follicles.
Pea Shoot Extract1 - a natural and lasting ingredient for fuller, thicker hair.
Basil Hairy-Roots Extract - makes hair fuller and denser.

1from organic agriculture

Application: Once a day, massage a few drops into the scalp or areas affected by hair loss. Do not wash hair immediately after application.

STUDY RESULTS: The effect of the new hair serum, was empirically tested for 6 months in a field study. Here are the most important results at a glance: 77% of the test persons were satisfied to very satisfied with the product 38% of the bald spots became smaller 62% the appearance of the hair was improved 52% the growth of the hair was increased.