Less is More Haarausfall

What to do about hair loss?

As a general rule, healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. They say the skin is the mirror of the soul. We think this also applies to the scalp.

The first step for healthy scalp is to avoid skin-irritating and synthetic ingredients (mineral oil-based ingredients, parabens, sulphates, etc.) and use only mild surfactants. It is also important to avoid anything that stresses, irritates and irritates the scalp: washing too hot, blow-drying too hot, rubbing too dry.

Second: Anything that revitalises the scalp is good for the hair. Like a gentle brushing ritual, for example, a scalp tonic with herbal extracts like HERBAL TONIC or a stimulating scalp treatment with PHYTONUTRIENT HAIRROOT SERUM.

Striking hair loss is nevertheless a complex issue with many causes that, unfortunately, a single hair care product can hardly compensate for or treat.

In many cases it is hereditary or also hormonal (pregnancy, pill, menopause, changes). Often hair loss is also a side effect of circumstances such as medication side effects, mineral deficiencies, the result of stress. Therefore, serious and severe hair loss belongs in the hands of a holistic doctor or naturopath, who will understand and treat the issue in its entirety.