Press releases

Did you miss the last press newsletter? Here you can download all our press releases.

Pure - fragrance free, prebiotic organic haircare (PDF) - download
Pure Shampoo Bar - less is more (PDF) - download
Dry Shampoo Mousse - save water and time (PDF) - download
Hydration Booster: Plumping & Firming Hyaluronic Serum (PDF) - download
Purifying Spot Treatment Gel - be comfortable in your own skin (PDF) - download
Pro-Aging & Anti-Aging - holistically beautiful (PDF) - download
Natural fragrances for every mood - Body & Room Mist in 7 new fragrances (PDF) - download
Organic & sustainable scented candle (PDF) - download
New Bodycare Products (PDF) - download
Refresh your day - new bodycare fragrance (PDF) - download
Healthy Summer Hair (PDF) - download
Face masks for every skin type (PDF) - download
Professional Organic Facecare (PDF) - download
Less is More Bodycare (PDF) - download
Less is More Caffeine Infusion (PDF) - download
The mountain is calling (PDF) - download
A good morning (PDF) - download
Less is More Hair Mask (PDF) - download
Mulitfunctional (PDF) - download
Less is More Must Haves (PDF) - download
Re-Think (PDF) - download
Shampoo for everyday (PDF) - download